Marianne Kuzimski


Houghton Lake, MI


Hello, and welcome to my online gallery! I am delighted that you are here, and invite you to browse through my photography. Please comment if you really like a photo as it will really help me to understand other's viewpoints.

About me: I am an amateur photographer hoping to someday (soon) be considered professional. My current concentration is nature, wildlife, landscapes, and travel.

Photography is a long time love which has improved with every click since the 1980's. Some of my past work has won awards and publication, but a year ago I decided to work very hard at my craft in order to improve skills, and hopefully, find my niche. It is this body of work that you will see here.

Photography Mind-set:
Photography, for me, is an art in composition, colors, and setting correct exposures for the mood I want to express. I concentrate very hard on capturing the image as close to (my) perfect as possible - in camera, but I am also very interested in experimenting with new photographic techniques, expanding deeper into specific photographic genres, and playing around in post production to create something new and different from the imagery I have captured. I want my photography to be distinct... to demonstrate creativity and artistry... to evoke emotion, but I know that it will be a matter of hours/days/years of constant practice to reach these artistic goals.

My photo wish list:
There are so many photos that have been done over and over again by such awesome photographers, but there are a few shots that I would like to capture and experience for myself just to say I did. Other than the handful of already been done photographs, I'm currently working on a list of must haves for the year including specific wildlife, landscape locales, and events. So far, the check marks are adding up, and it will soon be time to start a new list. Photography is so exciting! I hope you enjoy the images I have captured as much as I have enjoyed chasing them across the country to catch.

Thank you for visiting! Please come by again to see how things are going.


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